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Five questions for: Teresa and Leonie

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New apprenticeship for e-commerce associate at HSE

We asked the two trainees Teresa and Leonie why their work at HSE is so exciting and what they think about their e-commerce associate training.


  1. How did you initially find out about training opportunities at HSE as well as HSE as a company?


Leonie & Teresa: Just the way you'd think with e-commerce: by searching on the internet ?


  1. E-commerce associate is an entirely new profession. What was the appeal for you? Why did this interest you and why did you apply?


Leonie: The potential it has for the future, the constant change, and the dynamic processes and technologies behind it immediately appealed to me.

Teresa: As an e-commerce associate you have many varied tasks. And getting a look behind the scenes of an online shop is incredibly interesting. And the job is also promising for the future.


  1. What kind of things are you learning in your training as e-commerce associate? In which departments do you work, what are your majors in trade school?


Leonie: We're mostly focused on marketing, e-commerce, and creative. Since this is a commercial apprenticeship, we are also allowed a peak into purchasing, accounting, and sales planning. Of course, HSE and its television stations also have their own TV production departments, e.g., set design! I think that this is what makes HSE unique, especially in type of apprenticeship.

Teresa: And in trade school we learn everything about the complete structure of an online shop and the most important processes in e-commerce. Also everything concerning legal issues and what's behind that.


  1. What about your job at HSE do you like the best? And what has proven difficult?


Teresa: Everyone here is super nice and always helpful, which is extremely important for trainees. There are also many employee perks, and everyone makes sure that we trainees are looked after.

Leonie: I like the variety. In an omnichannel company like HSE, you can learn a tremendous amount about a wide variety of things. You are trained to become an "all-rounder."

Teresa: In the beginning, it might be hard to get into the HSE lingo. Many technical terms and abbreviations are used throughout the day. But everything is always explained.


  1. Do you already know what you want to do after your training is completed?


Leonie: The future of e-commerce will show me the way ?

Teresa: I can see myself staying at HSE and take advantage of the development opportunities here.


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