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On your wheels, set, go!

Beitragsbild zu auf-die-raeder-fertig-los

Health is a top priority at HSE – which is why us employees can now lease bicycles through HSE as an employer.

Whether mountain bike, e-bike, or just a good old bicycle: Our partners at Company Bike Solutions offer a large selection of high-quality bicycles. This is a great offer for all colleagues who bicycle to work every day and for those who would like to do so in the future.

The benefit in kind for us employees is the deduction of the monthly installments directly from the salary. This means that we are only taxed 0.5% of the gross list price. Theft or damage insurance is additionally subsidized by the employer with €5 per month. Additional equipment, such as a helmet or bike lock can simply be added to the monthly rate.

Of course the leased bicycle can also be used privately or for leisure purposes, not just to get to and from work. And each employee is also allowed to lease a second bicycle for their spouse. At the end of the 36-month contract period we can buy the bike for a small residual amount, return it, or lease a brand new bike.

Here is an overview of all benefits offered by HSE.

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