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Apprentices look behind the scenes

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HSE apprentices go through various departments and get to know many employees and job profiles. HSE is diverse – just like the people that work here. In this blog, our apprentices regularly talk about the various jobs and departments at HSE.

Today: The Logistics department – Anh-Ky Nguyen talks about what he learned as an apprentice in Logistics.

At HSE, Logistics are divided into multiple departments. We manage a huge volume of goods every day, which we are very proud of. We ship about 37,000 packages a day to our customers. That is up to 13.5 million packages per year! In Ismaning there are 17 employees in this department, including myself as an apprentice.
The four Logistics areas:

  • Warehouse and Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management (where I work)
  • Inbound Logistics / Transport Management
  • Customs department

Let me explain how the Inbound Logistics / Transport Management works, for example. This is mainly about coordinating the deliveries from our suppliers to the warehouse.

Our main warehouse is in Greven, in North Rhine-Westphalia. This location works in cooperation with DHL. We receive requests by e-mail from our suppliers who would like to deliver their goods. These are called AVIS and must be confirmed by us. Deliveries are made from around the world to us in Greven. In the goods management system, we look for a suitable date and propose a delivery date to the supplier for delivery. We do not want to overload the staff or the warehouse, so good scheduling is very important.

As an apprentice in Logistics, I was also involved in Supply Chain Management. In simple terms, my main job here was to keep the warehouse tidy.

As there is always something happening in the warehouse and goods are coming and going, we are responsible for keeping an eye on everything, coordinating, and always making space. Another important job is to return unsold goods to our suppliers.

What did I like the most about working in this department?

The friendly and helpful colleagues with whom you can always have a laugh. Despite all the work, the vibe is always relaxed and focused. And the managers are also very nice. They made me feel part of the team from the beginning. The other thing I liked was working independently without ever getting bored.

Here you can find all information about the apprenticeships that HSE offers as well as about the different departments.

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