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Apprentices look behind the scenes

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HSE apprentices and dual students go through various departments and get to know many employees and job profiles. HSE is diverse – just like the people that work here. In our blog, our apprentices regularly talk about the jobs and departments at HSE.

Today: Campaign Management – apprentices Leonie & Teresa explain what happens in this department and why you can look forward to train here!



Over the course of a year, HSE generally has about 300 promotional campaigns. About 20% of these are purely online campaigns. The super friendly and skilled Campaign Management team controls and extensively manages all campaigns from large to small, online and/or TV, from household through cosmetics to fashion campaigns. During your apprenticeship as an E-Commerce Associate you will have the opportunity to get to know this field.

The main campaign management tasks can be roughly divided into three phases:


Phase 1 is finding ideas. In this phase, the Campaign Managers determine which topic is suitable for a campaign at a certain time of the year. Many times they can draw from prior experience. For example, there is a major fashion week in February every year, but it is always new and differently staged. The Campaign Manager comes up with ways to make the campaign particularly exciting for the customers. The goal is always to get the customers interested, enthused about the issue, and win them over to make a purchase.


Once the ideas for the campaign have been determined and approved by management, it is time for their implementation. The Campaign Manager gets together with the necessary interfaces and discusses all the relevant details for implementation. This results in a harmonious and well-rounded concept.

The most important interfaces are:

  • Purchasing/Merchandise and Sales Planning (to provide suitable products)
  • Content Project Management / Creation (develop ideas for visual implementation from set design to online staging) and
  • Marketing (coordination of social media activities through to external TV spots)


After the campaign has ended, the next step is to evaluate it. Various tools are used to ascertain how successful the campaign was. Important key figures are the turnover, the number of customers reached, orders placed by telephone or via online shop, and what the most successful items were. In a review meeting, the Campaign Manager discusses the results with the departments involved and works with them to develop optimization measures for the coming year.

Also part of the job of Campaign Management is a so-called market check. This is where various competitors are put under the microscope. The task here is to analyze and document the competitor's home page. The objective is to find new ideas and trends for HSE that may be relevant for future campaigns.

Your job as a future apprentice in Campaign Management will be very diverse. You will support the Campaign Manager in all relevant tasks. In the process, you will get to know various tools in detail, and you will also be given responsibility yourself.

You can look forward to an interesting and varied job with a mix of creativity, analysis, and strategy. It is a lot of fun! :)


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