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Apprentices look behind the scenes

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HSE apprentices and dual students go through various departments and get to know many employees and job profiles. HSE is diverse – just like the people that work here. In our blog, our apprentices regularly talk about the jobs and departments at HSE.

Today: Placement Manager Tanja is interviewed by Oliver. He is a dual student at HSE and asked Tanja what Placement Management is all about.


Please introduce yourself!

My name is Tanja Papaioannou, and I have been working for HSE in the Placement department since July 2014. I have prior experience in other areas of the company, such as purchasing, process management, and rerun planning.


What made you want to work for HSE?

I thought it was an interesting company. The business model is versatile, and I liked the location. The offer was right overall, and I had opportunities to grow on an international level.


Can you explain what Placement Management is?

The Placement department is responsible for customer-oriented TV program- and highlight planning. We also make sure that the channels are optimally networked. We have three TV stations: HSE, HSE Extra, and HSE Trend and produce 26 hours of live television every day. In addition to purchasing via TV, our customers can also shop via the online shop or the mobile shopping app.


What is a normal workday for you and what do you like about it?

My work starts with the placement of the most important monthly, weekly, and daily products in the annual highlight calendar for our three TV channels HSE, HSE Extra, and HSE Trend, and ends in the monthly program schedules for the live channels.

I also manage these topics operationally and optimize the planning continuously, always taking into account the current market and competitive situation.

In my daily work, this means that I have very extensive knowledge of the planning of all areas at HSE and coordinate very closely with the departments. I observe the sales figures of the shows and products and optimize my plans based on current developments and strategic factors. Often, I have to consolidate the different interests of the departments to come up with the best possible plan.


What makes a good Placement Manager?

A good Placement Manager is very versatile. For basic technical skills, you need a background in business administration, ideally a university degree.

The person should have strong planning and organizational skills and be highly versed in analytics. They need to be able to solve problems quickly and must be flexible, as our business is constantly changing. It is also important to be a team player and good communicator. And lastly, you also need a good amount of assertiveness! ;-)


On a scale of 1–10, how varied is your job and why?

8 ⇒ extremely varied!

There is never a dull moment. You constantly have to deal with new company developments, decisions, trends, and topics that must be incorporated into optimal planning. You get a good overview of many areas of the company, have many interfaces and can get involved in many topics.


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