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Balancing professional and private life

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HSE gets certified for the “Career & Family” seal:

Each one of us goes through different and very personal life phases during our professional careers: Studies and training, starting a family, caring for relatives, life as a single person, divorce, moving house, child support - to mention but a few. Each private phase comes with its own challenges and needs. At HSE, we would like to address these personal needs of our employees in an even better way and to align our corporate culture with the aforementioned life phases and family situation even more consciously in future.

For this reason, HSE is now getting certified for the “Career and Family” seal as a company and employer. This is based on an audit by berufundfamilie Service GmbH, a service provider that advises companies on matters of family-friendliness. As part of their “auditberufundfamilie” initiated by the Hertie-Stiftung, employers who are particularly family-friendly regularly get awarded.

As the basis of this process, we have defined what "family" means to HSE as an employer:

For us at HSE, family means everything that constitutes family for each individual employee. Family therefore encompasses all different lifestyles and life situations as well as relationships that are characterised by responsibility, love, care and respect. Family at HSE is as colourful and diverse as life itself and our company.

Colleagues in different phases of life looked at the situation and the existing offers at HSE together. We already have a lot to offer to create a good work-life balance for employees: from flextime arrangements, mobile office, cooperation with a daycare center, special leave for family events, to the possibility of taking a sabbatical. But we want even more! Together with the experts from "Beruf und Familie" we have derived concrete measures for an even better work-life balance, which we are working on with immediate effect. Stay tuned!

You can read more on the “auditberufundfamilie” here.

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