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HSE as best place to work

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Best place to work – what does that have to do with HSE?

Based upon our vision "We are No. 1 every day for the magical moments of your life," we have started the "Best Place to Work" initiative, because we also want to be No. 1 in magical moments in the lives of our employees and applicants.

And we also have to be ready for the future – finding suitable applicants is becoming increasingly hard, and we want our current employees to be as happy as possible.

So what is behind this initiative?

First, we coordinated with management to ascertain what the extent of this initiative is: we agreed to clear key figures and to what is "in scope" and what is "out of scope." The stated goal is clear: To make HSE more attractive for all employees and applicants.

The employees know better than anyone else what matters to them and their colleagues

We started looking for people to join the project on the intranet – because in line with the integrative approach, we presume that this knowledge exists within the system and that the employees know best what is important to them and their colleagues.

We kept the project group as diverse as possible to ensure that all departments and hierarchies are represented.

In a kick-off workshop, we worked out the topics that we wanted to tackle:

  • Mobility
  • IT/app/software
  • Benefits
  • Employer branding
  • Future office and campus
  • Flexible work

The various meetings of the entire project group or the small specialized work groups resulted in many small and large initiatives that are already being implemented or will be implemented in the future.  All initiatives are tested in the large project group and checked for relevance. Only topics that are rated "relevant" by all parties are implemented.

Workshop series for the employees in TV production

After the first two workshops, we also started a sub-initiative for all colleagues who work in shifts. Due to the 16-hour live TV production, about 300 employees at HSE work in shifts. The colleagues in TV production and broadcasting have some special requirements that must be taken into account. The first series of workshops for them will get underway shortly.

The colleagues really enjoy taking part in this endeavor, because they can actively contribute to making HSE a "Best Place to Work" by giving their input.

The topics that are being worked on or are slated for implementation are visible to all employees on a public Kanban board. This ensures full transparency for all employees.

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