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Coronavirus PCR tests for the studio crew

Beitragsbild zu corona-pcr-tests-fuer-studio-crew

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the protection and wellbeing of all employees at HSE has been the top priority. Our crisis team took extensive preventative measures early in the crisis at the end of February in order to protect our core unit, the live TV production on campus in Ismaning. To name just a few examples: We have been providing a shuttle service for all employees who would otherwise use public transport to get to work, we are offering meals, as well as working in fixed shifts and teams.

Starting this week, we have been offering another important measure for the protection of our employees and our live operation: The studio staff can now take free and – of course – voluntary PCR tests (so-called corona swab tests) to test for Covid-19.

This enables us to act swiftly and take the appropriate safety measures if we find any positive cases. The PCR test uses a swap of the mouth/throat, which is then examined for SARS-CoV-2 viruses in a laboratory. The test result is usually available after 24 hours. The complete testing process at HSE meets the requirements for occupational safety and was set up in close consultation with our company doctor.

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