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Happy birthday HSE!

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HSE is celebrating its jubilee. 25 years ago, on 16 October 1995, HSE was the first German shopping channel to go on air - and has thus written media history.

Long before there were influencers or large e-commerce platforms, HSE had already successfully combined shopping and live entertainment. Back then it was called teleshopping, later home shopping - it has always been the most entertaining form of shopping.

The omnichannel retailer has repeatedly done pioneering work has had a decisive influence on the industry: in 1998, HSE invested in the construction of the first pure teleshopping studios, from which we have been broadcasting 16 hours of live program every day ever since - at that time a novelty in the German TV landscape. As early as 1998, we launched a web shop, linking TV and e-commerce even before the millennium.

"25 years of HSE, that is 25 years of passion for shopping and entertainment. HSE is inspiring & surprising, lively & authentic, trendy & staging. Every day we offer the most entertaining form of shopping and inspire millions. We owe this extraordinary success story to the loyalty of our customers and the enthusiasm and passion of our employees", says Sandra Rehm, CEO.

In many interviews, colleagues revisited personal highlights and told us what makes HSE so unique for them.

You can watch all videos here: www.hse.de//geburtstag

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