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Why recruiting fairs are so important to us

This year's STUZUBI fair started on January 11. BMW, universities and the "Hans im Glück" burger chain were not the only ones present at Zenith in Munich: so was HSE!

Kathi and I from the HSE recruiting team demonstrated to the 13 to 25-year-old visitors what we have to offer as an employer and what opportunities there are at HSE for pupils, trainees, students, and graduates. In addition to the apprenticeships for four different lines of work, dual studies, and options for students and graduates, many young people were also interested in student internships. Our dual student Helene supported us at the exhibition stand and talked first-hand about her training at HSE.

Our trade fair booth with film spotlights and product samples roused the curiosity of many passing visitors. And that’s what we’re going for: We want to show people that there is more to HSE than just a teleshopping channel that most people know from their grandma or mother. When we talked to visitors, many times they were surprised to find out that HSE is an international omnichannel retailer that offers and sells products not only via TV, but also online and via mobile devices. Most people were subsequently quite impressed with our business model. To show our varied range of products, we brought along a few of them for people to see and touch: from a frying pan to a daily cream.

Fairs like STUZUBI are important for recruiters to get in touch with potential applicants. To talk, get them interested in the company, and of course: to find good applicants! Because we are always looking for the best talent. And we successfully did so once again: we have already received a few interesting applications!

We are represented at four to five recruiting fairs every year and we are always looking for other exciting fairs where we can present ourselves.

Next on the schedule is Vocatium: from April 2–3 you can meet us at the MVG Museum in Munich. We are looking forward to meeting you! ?

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