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HSE joins "Fair Company"

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We are proud to display the "Fair Company" seal from now on. Through our membership, we are committing to offering interns, students, and university graduates fair working conditions at HSE.

Specifically, this means: clearly structured tasks, defined goals, and permanent contact persons for the duration of the internship as well as appropriate remuneration.

"As a member of the 'Fair Company' initiative, HSE is making a clear statement as an employer: We want to offer young people a fair chance and exciting opportunities for development right from the start," says Roman Klein, Executive Vice President Human Resources at HSE.

In addition to internships, working student jobs, traineeships, and a trainee program, HSE is also offering a dual study program for "Business Administration Trade Management and E-Commerce" as well as various apprenticeships: E-Commerce Associate, Wholesale and Retail Associate, IT Specialist in Application Development and IT Specialist in System Integration.

Fair Company' is an initiative of the German business newspaper Handelsblatt and offers committed companies a platform to connect with young professionals. Since 2004, the initiative has brought together employers from many different sectors who are committed to offering a fair start to professional life.

By displaying the seal, HSE is committed to the following:

  1. Fair Companies offer students internships that give them real insights into career paths.
  2. Fair Companies give interns clearly defined tasks and goals and assign permanent contact persons in the company.
  3. Fair Companies hire interns for a reasonable period of time.
  4. Fair Companies do not string along university graduates who have applied for a permanent job by offering them an internship.
  5. Fair Companies pay interns an adequate expense allowance.
  6. Fair Companies offer transparency regarding tasks, contact persons, and the objectives of the internship as well as the rules and regulations.


Fair Company profile of HSE

More information about the initiative

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