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Today is Girls' Day, the event that gives girls and young women the opportunity to learn more about apprenticeships and courses of study in IT, crafts, science and technology, and encourages them to pursue a career in a technical field themselves.

Our colleague Ojesvi has a master's degree in Software Engineering for Industrial Applications and works as an Expert DevOps Engineering in the Digital Technology team at HSE. She loves the exciting tech industry and would recommend every girl not to be discouraged by stereotypes, but to simply take a closer look at technical professions. She told us why it's definitely worth it:

Was it always obvious to you that you want to do something in a technical field?

I have always been attracted by tech, but I was not so sure about it at a young age. Therefore, my father suggested me to join a one-month computer science course - after that there was no turning back! From the start, I was focused to learn new things and was attracted by new innovations happening all around. I believe these things made me fall in love with the tech field.

What do you like most about your job & profession?

The best thing about my job is that every day I get to know and learn new things. That makes me more confident and helps me to grow as an individual.

What do think are the biggest misconceptions about jobs in the tech field?

I noticed, the perception of tech often is, that it is all about sitting in front of a computer 9 to 5, coding, surrounded by people who don’t care about the world outside of computers. Of course, this is not true! After my first job I have found out that tech is all about innovation and IT is a sector where people are learning by doing new things every day.

What advice would you give to a girl who may not (yet) be confident in choosing a training and career in a technical field?

If you don’t try you will never know! Take a closer look and give it a chance in order to make your judgement. Technical fields are exciting and provide the freedom to learn and experiment. If you feel it might be right for you and you’re interested in it – just go for it! 😊

Why would you recommend a career in the tech field?

We need fresh and diverse ideas in this male-dominated field and definitely more women role models in tech. Girls are missing out on endless, well-paid and exciting job opportunities by not even considering a technical career.

There is a big demand for different skills in the IT sector, you have various international career opportunities and it is also one of the most stable sectors. Many jobs in this field are remote-based or allow work-from-home opportunities, offering more flexibility for women and men with kids for example.

And how would you describe the culture in your team at HSE?

From the beginning, HSE always provided me support and freedom in every step, I needed to take to move forward in my career. Moreover, the team culture is very positive and friendly. This encourages all employees to come up with new ideas and also improves the productivity. 


Thank you for the insights Ojesvi!


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