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More tests for even greater protection

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The health and protection of our employees and creators is our topmost priority. We continue to take our COVID-19 protection measures one step further, for example with our rapid tests.

Last July we introduced a comprehensive testing strategy and have since made a voluntary test offer available to all employees working in and for live operations on site.

To date, over 2,000 PCR and 1,200 rapid tests have been conducted by our PCR scouts at the HSE campus. The preventive measures at the HSE campus are being intensified even further.

"Due to the renewed increase in the number of infections and a growing proportion of virus mutations, we are further adapting our effective regulations and proactively expanding our testing strategy," explains Rainer Stäbler, Head of the HSE Crisis Team and Chief Operations Officer of HSE.

Our HSE creators also perform a rapid antigen test before every on-air appearance and present a negative PCR test result not older than 48 hours. They can also take the PCR test on site at the HSE campus. Our reception team joined the extended testing strategy and will be tested on a daily basis from now on. In addition, most employees have been working in the mobile office since March 2020.

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