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When setting out on the career path, young professionals are often faced with the tough decision of which direction to take and which company is “the one” for them. This makes it all the more fortuitous when you find an employer early on with whom you feel at home, where you get on well with your colleagues and which offers exciting options for professional development even during the training period. We spoke to two employees who have decided to continue with their training and career path at HSE.

Elisabeth Niedermaier began a dual study programme (Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with Focus on Trade Management and E-Commerce) at HSE in September 2017; she officially graduates from the course on 31 August. Over the last three years she was able to assist in many different departments (most recently in Human resources) and learned a lot on the way. Her Master’s degree course begins on 1 September 2020 at the University of Applied Management (HAM) in Ismaning: ‘Business administration, majoring in human resource management’, once again as a dual study programme at HSE.

“It quickly became clear to me that my training shouldn’t end with the Bachelor’s degree and I wanted to continue my professional development in the direction of human resources. HAM was offering the perfect study course for this and HSE provided me with a spot in the corresponding department,” explains Elisabeth happily.

In addition to the professional experience that she was able to get under her belt, at HSE she was also able to contribute to important change and new work themes in the development phase:

“Acceptance into and membership of the 2019 internal steering committee made a particular impression on me. We had a lot of interesting workshops with fascinating topics that affect and motivate the HSE employees, and I was very proud to be allowed to be part of this group as a student.”

This form of appreciation plays an important role also for Leonie Hörterer, who began her Apprenticeship as an E-Commerce Associate at HSE in September 2018 – so much so, in fact, that she feels right at home at HSE and would like to stay longer:

“I finished my apprenticeship at the end of July. The new phase will then start in September at HSE with a dual-programme Bachelor course in Business Administration with Focus on Trade Management and E-Commerce,” explains Leonie. “It was the work climate and appreciation in particular that motivated me and made me decide to continue working at HSE, as well as the special business model and innovative spirit that prevails here.”

And what are they both now looking forward to in their next step at HSE?

“I’m looking forward to the deeper insights into the HR field that I’ll get during the Master course,” says Elisabeth. Immersing herself deeper professionally is also important for Leonie: “I hope to get to know HSE as a company and all its processes even better, and look forward to seeing all my colleagues in person in the office again soon!”

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