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Starting my new job in home office

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Three colleagues talk about how they initially worked remotely for HSE.

Despite of (or also because of) the Covid-19 chaos, many people have started a new job in recent months. We also welcomed some new colleagues at HSE in April, May, and June. Of course, under special circumstances: They all spent their first weeks in their new job working remotely from home. Julia from HR as well as Julia and Maximilian from Purchasing told us what it is like when onboarding and getting to know each other takes place completely in the digital domain.

Julia Marz, Brand & Merchandise Development

"I started at HSE on April 1 as an Associate Brand & Product Manager. I work in the Fashion department. The first day started with a short introduction on site in Ismaning with IT and HR. It was organized in very small groups with social distancing, masks, and gloves etc.

In a team call I was able to introduce myself, and for the first time I saw and heard my new colleagues. ? In daily Jour Fixe meetings, onboarding dates, and department meetings, I was gradually trained and got to know everyone better. One colleague also set up a Skype lunch where we could get to know each other. But for many colleagues I still cannot put a face to the name!

Right from the start I got the feeling that my coworkers trusted and appreciated me. The safety measures that HSE introduced are absolutely exemplary and appropriate in my opinion. I also like the open and transparent communication via the intranet.

Maximilian Schmidt, Brand & Merchandise Development

"Just like Julia, I started as an Associate Brand & Product Manager at HSE. My first day was April 1. It was unusual due to the coronavirus, initially with the handover of the technical equipment. As always at the beginning of a new job, there were still some questions and things to be clarified, but IT was very quick and helpful.

The onboarding process with various departments then took place purely digitally during the first weeks. Now that you can go back to the office for meetings, it has of course become a lot more personal! In the beginning, it was a bit difficult to grasp the complex business model and the home shopping system, working from home, but I am grateful for the efforts and support provided by my colleagues. And the corporate culture is very transparent and responsible. I am looking forward to what's next!"

Julia Rieger, Human Resources

"I had my first day at HSE on May 4 and work here as a Contract & Service Level Agreement Manager. On the first day I was allowed to visit the campus for a short time, where I received my IT equipment and brief instructions for it. Then I went home to work from there.

The first few weeks were full of introductory appointments, virtual lunch dates via Microsoft Teams, or afternoon chats over a cup of coffee. I was warmly and openly received in all calls. I am very grateful to my colleagues for taking so much time for my onboarding. It is a bit weird, but somehow I feel like I already know my colleagues really well, even though I only met them briefly once. The first-name-basis culture at HSE definitely breaks down barriers quickly and also creates a pleasant working atmosphere even when working from home."

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