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24 reasons to train at HSE

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HSE offers us trainees very varied and interesting work. We get a peak into many areas and departments and learn something new every day. But HSE is not just attractive because the job is interesting: the employees actually get a lot of benefits! Read for yourselves...

1. Sample stock sale: Discount paradise that we get to take advantage of once a month!

2. Employee discount: 30% discount on all HSE products, except the coin gallery.

3. Shopping card: €40 each month to spend any way you want. We use this, e.g., to pay for our MVV tickets or for purchases at Rewe.

4. Corporate benefits: HSE employees get fantastic benefits from other companies and brands.

5. "Omnichannel": HSE is a modern company where we get to experience and learn about the mail order business throughout all digital channels.

6. Cafeteria allowance: From curry sausage to the salad bar – the lunch choices are huge and subsidized by HSE.

7. Travel allowance: €50 every month for gas or public transport.

8. Free advice on pension scheme: Peace of mind for retirement already at a young age.

9. Feelin' good: With the HSE sports program you can stay fit.

10. Free coffee: Each department has a fully automatic machine with free coffee. And tea, of course! ?

11. 'Hello Fresh' vending machine: A great alternative to the cafeteria!

12. Free health check: The company offers a wide range of health services, such as screening for skin cancer.

13. Everyone is on a first name basis: We all call each other by our first names, from management to trainees.

14. Free training courses: The HSE campus offers vocational training courses.

15. Free university/training materials: All training materials are reimbursed by the company.

16. Six weeks of vacation per year: Enough time for fun and travel!

17. Sabbatical: After four years of working at the company, you can get six months off.

18. 2gether 4future: The company continues to grow and includes all employees in the change process.

19. Sample testing: You get to test the latest products at home!

20. Food truck: Indian food on campus.

21. Christmas party / summer party: Awesome parties with plenty of great food ?

22. A good and secure working environment: Since its beginnings in 1995, HSE has provided job security.

23. Flextime: Work flexible hours between 7:00 am and 9:30 pm.

And last but not least…

Reason no. 24:  The Christmas bonus: Merry Christmas from the employer!

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