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World Health Day - We are in!

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HSE values and actively promotes the health of its employees. This not only includes preventive exams, such as skin cancer screenings and health checks, but, of course, exercises and relaxation as well.

Since 2007, HSE has been offering a comprehensive corporate health plan called “Feelin´ Good” which includes a wide range of courses and events – from yoga and tabata to popular ski runs and beach volleyball. With the Covid-19 pandemic, many courses have been converted into a virtual format in order to continue offering employees a variety of exercise options.

For this year's World Health Day, we are also offering something special: HSE will be participating in B2Fit – a digital Health Challenge where companies compete against each other – as a virtual substitute for the Munich B2RUN event. Participation in B2Fit is free of charge for all HSE employees.

To a spirited digital competition and a lot of joy through movement and exercise!

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