Your benefits: We have a lot to offer

The satisfaction and wellbeing of our employees are very important to us. That is why we as an employer offer a lot of benefits: from 30 days of vacation through a perfect work-life balance thanks to flexible working hours to extensive onboarding and numerous opportunities for further education – we leave no wish unfulfilled. Rumor has it that we have so many employee benefits that it is impossible to list them all. We tried nevertheless.

  • Work-life balance: Perfect harmony between personal life and job

    Reconciling personal life and work is more than just lip service at HSE. We make every effort to harmonize the two and ensure a good work-life balance, be it through working from home, flexible working hours, or sabbaticals.

  • Home office: Flexible work

    It should come as no surprise that the pioneer of German home shopping also offers working from home. Unless you are a moderator or otherwise involved with the live action, you can also work from home if your job allows it. Whether from home or from a coffee shop – it is up to you. This is another way we live by our values – we trust that you carry out your work under your own responsibility!

  • 30 days of vacation

    Plenty of time to relax and recharge.

  • Special leave: an extra day

    For some of life’s events, we like to give our employees an extra day off, such as for your wedding or for the birth of your child.

  • Flexible working hours

    We offer flexible working hours – for example, if you want to bring the kids to the daycare center or school in the morning, or if you want to work out in the evening. Only the core working hours, i.e., the time during which our employees must be on site, are fixed. The final arrangement is determined in individual cases depending on the operational requirements. But we will certainly find a solution that accommodates your unique situation.

  • Sabbatical: Even more time for yourself

    Do you need some extra time off, want to recharge your batteries, spend some time on your pet project, or go on an extended holiday? We will fully support you. From offering a month off with reduced pay or up to three months without pay – we offer various options for you to spend some time away from work. Of course, your job will still be there when you return, even for extended leaves.

  • Further education: The best opportunities from day one

    The further education of our employees is very important to us. Starting from their very first day at work. We offer more than just extensive onboarding and comprehensive further education – at HSE we will support you throughout your entire professional career. We offer long-term opportunities by continuously training our employees across departments and divisions.

  • Onboarding: For an easy start into your working life

    For an easy start into working life at HSE, all new employees receive an onboarding plan. This plan offers all important information about the company as well as our mission statement, a schedule for introducing you to your future areas of responsibility, information about the department you will work in as well as the contact information for all relevant contact persons at HSE. Of course, you will also get the cafeteria schedule and information about our employee benefits. You will therefore be well informed when you arrive for your first working day at the HSE Campus in Ismaning.

    There will be many welcoming events where you can get to know your new team, the management, the departments, and also the works council. You will also get an exclusive tour of the studio and get to know your new colleagues during lunch and coffee breaks. The HR team will introduce itself, the vision, mission, and strategy of the company and our sports and health offerings. As you can see: Instead of jumping in at the deep end we will warmly welcome you!

  • HSE campus: Your further education academy

    With the HSE campus, we are offering a wide range of further education and training courses to meet your needs. You can easily book your seminars, coachings, webinars, professional trainings, and much more with our online tool.

    We offer seminars such as “Boosting your Charisma”, “Cool, Calm, and Collected under Stress”, or “Personal Effect” as well as specialized training such as Powerpoint training or seminars on individual products or the agile Scrum method. These trainings take place both on and off campus. We also offer webinars, so that you can deepen your know-how from the comfort of your workplace or home.

  • Mentoring: An experienced person by your side

    Experienced colleagues are here to help you during your onboarding period and support you in getting to know everyone as well as with networking.

  • Regular employee and performance reviews: mutual feedback

    Annual employee reviews and regular development meetings are also part of our active feedback culture. In so-called “feedback walks”, a 20-minute walk across campus, we give each other feedback. In addition, we hold goal discussions with our managers in which we discuss possible executive objectives, for example.

  • Leadership development program: our program for managers

    At HSE, managers are “always on stage”. They have a significant impact on the performance of the company and how we can work together constructively. Our one-year development program provides the best possible support to newly recruited and internally promoted managers in their new management positions. In order for you to develop your personal strengths and leadership skills over the long term and to help guide HSE towards a dynamic future, you will go through various training courses on topics such as “Leadership in dynamic times”, “Managers as coaches”, or “Strong communication”, but also on labor law and changeability.

  • Benefits and compensation: More than a good salary

    In addition to an attractive salary, interesting job, a unique corporate culture, and various opportunities, we can offer you even more.

  • Salary: More than just 12 monthly salaries

    In addition to the standard 12 monthly salaries, you will also get a Christmas bonus in the form of a “13th month’s” pay. And it goes without saying that we pay for overtime. You can also influence your salary through performance target agreements and performance-related bonuses, which – depending on the company’s success – can amount to up to 10% of your gross annual income.

  • Cafeteria allowance: You will never go hungry

    Our cafeteria ensures that you will never go hungry. On average, the cafeteria is only three minutes away from anywhere on campus. Our cafeteria allowance is another incentive to spend your lunch there with your colleagues. And if you are looking for something different, there are also foodji vending machines with plenty of healthy snacks, dishes and drinks around the clock.

  • Corporate benefits: Attractive conditions and special offers

    In addition, you will also get attractive discounts and special offers from our partners such as Adidas, Cinemaxx, Zalando, Expedia, Eventim, or Sky.

  • Best transport connections and free parking: Stress-free to the workplace

    We have plenty of parking spaces directly on campus. Do you prefer to commute by bus, train, or bicycle? No problem. The bus takes about 10 minutes from the Ismaning station, and from the Studentenstadt station it takes about 15 minutes to get to work.

  • Childcare allowance

    We subsidize childcare for children who are not yet of school age with 50 euros per child per month.

  • Shopping voucher: 50 euros on top

    You will receive a monthly tax-free shopping voucher in the amount of 50 euros.

    The voucher is digital and you can decide every month which provider you want to choose from a variety.

  • Occupational disability insurance and company pension scheme: Additional coverage

    In the context of deferred compensation, i.e., by taking advantage of tax and social security benefits, you can optionally sign up for occupational disability insurance.

    For contributions that are paid into a direct insurance or pension fund for retirement, you will receive a 15 percent subsidy as part of the company pension scheme.

  • Summer and Christmas parties

    Our summer and Christmas parties are legendary. This is the time to gab, eat, dance, and party into the night. The company parties are a big part of our corporate culture and are always a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues outside of work.

  • Bike leasing: Get the bicycle of your dreams through HSE

    Together with our partner – company bike solutions – we have created a bicycle leasing program that you can take advantage of. Select your dream bicycle from over 2,500 models. HSE will acquire and make available your bicycle for a leasing period of 3 years. The best part: You can also use it privately in your spare time.

  • Working and feeling good: Your health is important to us

    One of our core values is responsibility. We believe that it is not only important how we treat each other, but also how we look after our health. Therefore we established our company health management system “feelin’ good” back in 2007. Because we want you to stay healthy and fit and feel good. Ergonomic and modern workplaces are therefore a matter of course for us. In our modern Future Offices, the various departments work together in an agile and flexible manner. And because your health matters to us, we are offering you plenty of extras.

  • feelin' good: our health program

    Our health program “feelin’ good” offers a wide range of activities related to relaxation, nutrition, prevention, and sports.

  • Team sports: Play sports with your colleagues

    We are all about teamwork. So, it makes perfect sense to also play as a team. How about a game of beach volleyball, for example? A ski trip, a mountain bike tour, or jogging? It is even more fun in the context of our “Put your heart in your hands” campaign, a team campaign in which you can collect points for your team for the completed sports units and win prizes as a team.

  • Massages: Relaxed instead of tense at work

    To make sure that you are relaxed at work instead of tense, we subsidize one massage a week.

  • Ergonomic workstations: For a healthy posture

    We offer workplaces and equipment according to the latest ergonomic standards to ensure a healthy posture: with back-friendly office chairs, height-adjustable desks, computer workstation glasses and much more, you can prevent many health issues.

  • Course portfolio: From circuit to yoga

    Pilates, yoga, outdoor circuit – how do you want to stay fit and healthy? We offer a variety of sports activities that you can use before or after work on campus.

  • Healthy lunches

    Here we cook and eat together and learn more about current health topics through a lecture.

  • Additional health benefits: From company doctor to skin cancer screenings

    Skin cancer screenings, an annual health day, a company doctor on campus, and integration management show just how serious we are about your health and well-being.

  • Future Offices: We live and love 'new work'

    ‘New work’ is already being put into practice in our Future Offices with innovative workplaces. Mobile workstations, telephone booths, attractive meeting rooms, movable walls, mobile presentation screens; MAC or PC; ergonomic office chairs and height-adjustable desks: the Future Offices, which are equipped with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, are gradually rolled out on our campus. At the moment our colleagues from the Business Intelligence department are getting acquainted with the new setting.

Where we work

Ismaning is located on the outskirts of Munich between the Bavarian capital and the airport. The HSE campus is 13 kilometers from the city center of Munich and is easy to reach by all means of transportation. The suburban train (S8) takes you from Ismaning to Munich’s Marienplatz in 23 minutes, or the airport terminal in just 15 minutes. There are also bus connections to the Studentenstadt (U6) subway station. Our campus offers everything you need: a cafeteria, roof terraces, various lawns, and green areas for a stroll during lunch, as well as plenty of free parking.

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