Numbers please! Everything you need to know about HSE as an employer

HSE stands for the most entertaining form of shopping. As one of the leading experts in Europe in the field of live commerce we inspire our customers on all channels with a curated product range. Here are all the numbers you need on HSE: from the number of our products to the distance to the nearest beer garden (we are located in Bavaria, where beer gardens are part of everyday life).

  • Around

    17,000 products

    from the areas of Fashion, Jewelry, Beauty, Wellness, Home & Living and Household are on offer every year.

  • 1,200 employees

    in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Russia.

  • 45,000,000 TV households

    watch us in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

  • 10,650,000 euros

    was the highest daily order volume achieved so far.

  • 41,500 calls

    on average are handled by our friendly staff every day in the 26 call centers of our Customer Service for the German-speaking countries.

  • 43,000 packages

    on average are sent to our customers every day from our four logistics centers in Germany and Switzerland.

  • 26 hours

    per day are produced and broadcasted live. 365 days a year.

  • 10 company departments

    offer a wide variety of tasks.

  • 3 minutes

    is the average time it takes to get to the canteen, which offers something for everyone.

  • 13 kilometers

    is how far we are from the Munich city center. On average it takes 20 minutes to get to our campus from there.

  • 2.6 kilometers

    is the distance to the nearest beer garden (lake-adjacent).

  • 331 employees

    – more than a third – have already participated in our feelin’ good health program 2,723 times. Trend rising.

  • 30 days of vacation

    offer you enough time to relax. But we also offer much more for a great work-life balance.

  • 13 salaries

    is what we pay you. And there are many more benefits we are offering you!

  • 24 nationalities

    are represented on our site. What is yours?

  • 36% of managers

    are women. At the department head level, it is 45%.

Where we work

Ismaning is located on the outskirts of Munich between the Bavarian capital and the airport. The HSE campus is 13 kilometers from the city center of Munich and is easy to reach by all means of transportation. The suburban train (S8) takes you from Ismaning to Munich’s Marienplatz in 23 minutes, or the airport terminal in just 15 minutes. There are also bus connections to the Studentenstadt (U6) subway station. Our campus offers everything you need: a cafeteria, roof terraces, various lawns, and green areas for a stroll during lunch, as well as plenty of free parking.

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