Application process: The next steps after submitting your application

Did you find a job offer that suits your skills? Are you sure HSE is the right fit for you and you for us? Great, then we are looking forward to your application! Please send us your application documents via our online tool. Here are the next steps after that:

  • Application receipt

    As soon as we receive your application, we will send you a confirmation of receipt by e-mail. Please make sure to give us your correct e-mail address for you to receive our confirmation message!

    Now you must be a bit patient. That is because we are checking your documents and (have to) talk to our colleagues in the relevant department. Of course we try to process your application as quickly as possible, but sometimes there can be a delay, such as when a co-worker is on holiday. Generally speaking, you should hear back from us within two weeks. If it takes longer, feel free to get in touch with us by e-mail.

  • Phone interview and first meeting

    If your application caught our attention, you would be invited to a phone interview, depending on the job offered. We will coordinate a date with you by phone or e-mail. The phone interview itself usually takes about 20–30 minutes. The idea here is to get to know you better and find out more about your experience, qualifications, and motivation.

  • Interview and meeting in person

    If you have impressed us with your application and the phone interview, the next step is an invitation to a personal interview at our Ismaning location. In addition to the colleagues from recruiting, you will also be introduced to the colleagues from the relevant department and/or your future supervisor. This will give you an overall impression of what to expect at HSE and what we are all about. Do not hesitate to ask us anything you want.

  • Employment contract

    Did you impress us in your first interview? Great! Looks like the world of home shopping has been waiting for you! The next step is a second interview to get to know each other further. During this interview, you will have the opportunity to present a solution for a task that we will assign to you in advance, and you will get to know more colleagues from the department as well as from management. This is the perfect time for you and us to evaluate each other once more and make sure that you are right for us and we are right for you.

    And even though we work in a fast-paced and real-time industry: The actual duration of the application process depends heavily on the respective position. Of course, we will keep you posted throughout the entire process.

  • Was our positive impression of you confirmed during our last interview? Are you right for us and we are right for you? Do you like the culture at HSE and you can identify with our values? Then nothing stands in the way of an employment contract. Once you sign the agreement you will become part of the HSE team. Our goal is to help you familiarize yourself quickly from the first day. This means you will be supported through our comprehensive on-boarding from the start.

    Click here to find out more about the orientation training.