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As a Camera Operator: Do you enjoy the environment of a live studio? As a Picture Editor: Are you a total genius? Or do you prefer to create set designs that perfectly present the products? Whether in front of or behind the camera: Our TV Production & Broadcasting department offers you a variety of tasks. We are looking for people who are flexible and spontaneous, have a talent for improvisation, enjoy working independently, and are real team players. People like you?


Corporate culture

Our corporate culture is based on trust and appreciation – we are a team.

Work-life balance

With us you can have the perfect work-life balance – from home office, to flexible working hours or sabbaticals.

Benefits & compensation

We offer much more than just an attractive salary – such as allowances or bonuses.

30 days of vacation

Plenty of time to relax and recharge.

From our TV studios in Ismaning to the screens of our customers

Maybe you think home shopping is not a serious business. But the fact is: One out of six Germans have previously made a purchase from a TV sales channel. We inspire with our products, topics, and brands as well as our moderators, models, and experts throughout all channels. Be it TV, online, social media, or mobile: True to our consistent omnichannel strategy, we leave it up to the customer to decide when and how to buy.

Our live images are broadcasted to the screens of our customers from our studios in Ismaning near Munich. With HSE, HSE Extra, and HSE Trend, we broadcast 365 days a year around the clock, 16 hours of which are live. 46 million households are watching – and order our products. Most of our turnover is generated by our meticulously planned TV shows. This success would not be possible without our teams in front of and behind the camera.

Constantly changing topics, new trends, and varying stakeholders keep us on our toes and make our job interesting.

The TV Production & Broadcasting department uses state-of-the-art broadcast technology in full HD, lightning-fast cuts, and inspiring product presentations for the best possible on-air experience. The department consists of Execution (Camera, Sound, Picture Editor, Server Operator, Producer), Talent Development and Styling (Talent Scouting, Talent Development, Service & Styling) and Studio Operations (Props, Set Construction, Set Design, Crew Planning). We would like to introduce you to some of them:

Camera Operator: The representative eye of our customers

As a Camera Operator you represent the eyes of our customers and are always right in the middle of the action. You are up-close and personal with stars and experts such as Judith Williams, Peter Schmidinger, or Jana Ina Zarrella. In our state-of-the-art studios you create imagery that inspires our customers. It will never get boring. There is always something going on. Our 145 creators – well-known lifestyle personalities – create  a successful and entertaining program as hosts and experts. Each of them is unique and has different strong suits. Your job is to show the best of it all.

In addition, more than 17,000 products are waiting to be staged by you every year to make the sales figures go up. Be it a sweater, satin bedding, wireless Christmas candles, jewelry, lipstick, or washing machines.

HSE broadcasts almost around the clock. Of course, that means working in shifts. But a great team, constantly changing products and the faces of our “stars” make sure that you will not get bored.

And above all we offer you regular working hours, a safe job, and many other benefits. After all you are important to us!

Here is a look at what the job of a camera operator entails.

Audio Technician / Audio Engineer: master of the mixing console

As the “master of the mixing console,” you as a Audio Technician or Audio Engineer will ensure that the live atmosphere of our TV shows translates to the screens of our customers. In our television studios, which are equipped with state-of-the-art studio technology, you are responsible for mixing the sound so that the voices of our presenters and experts are reproduced in optimal quality.

We call Audio Technicians and Audio Engineers ‘Audio Operators’. Here is a look at what the job of an Audio Operator entails.

Picture Editor: A solid instinct for good images

As a Picture Editor you are responsible for which television picture is broadcasted to our customers. You guide our camera operators and technical crew safely through our sales shows and cut the different camera images together for the perfect live show. You are the link between our camera operators and the director and decide at lightning speed which settings are included in our live broadcasts. There will never be a dull moment. In addition to our 145 HSE creators, there are also 17,000 products that make sure of it. You have a solid instinct for good pictures and you know exactly which of the many buttons on the video mixer you have to press to put our studios and sales staff in the right light and to deliver captivating moments to our customers.

Here is a look at what the job of a Picture Editor entails.

Server Operator / Font Generator: Add the finishing touches to the live broadcasts

A live broadcast without product information is like a beach holiday without the sun. As a Server Operator and Font Generator you give our live broadcasts the finishing touches. Thanks to you our customers know what product is being shown on the TV or what the order number is. Besides that, you ensure that our viewers know how many products are still available – before the cashmere sweater is sold out! That is exactly what your job is: After an announcement by the producer, you will prepare all the information about our products, and also inform our customers about which creator is currently on screen, and you garnish it all with clips and recordings on demand from one of the most modern live control rooms in Europe.

As a Media Designer or Radio / Television Technician you have already gained experience as a Graphic Operator. So you should not be concerned about working on live shows. With us everything is scheduled to the second, but for you it is easy to work with great focus and diligence.

Producer: The director of our sales shows

As a Producer, you prepare our TV shows according to sales-related requirements and control the camera and technology crew from one of the most modern live control rooms in Europe. With every shot you know how to rouse the emotions and enthusiasm for our products on our customers’ TV sets. There is no script, no presentation cards and no teleprompter. The dialogs and actions are based on spontaneity and talent for improvisation. And this is also required of you if you control the sales shows taking into account customer demand and inventory numbers. It is your effort that decides how many of the products are left at the end of the day and make our customers happy.

Even though we have an incredible number of live shows and products, we are always looking for new formats. We want your ideas here too! What are the requirements for this job? Definitely experience as a Producer, ideally, of course, in the area of teleshopping or direct response TV (DRTV).

Here is a look at what the job of a Producer entails.

Our shows are scheduled to the second, so you have to be a real planning and organizational talent. Of course, you should also keep a cool head in all the hectic of the studio and interact empathetically and at eye level with the crew. If you are also okay with working in shifts, then nothing is standing in the way of your dream job!

Talent Development: Talent Scout for our moderators and experts

The on-air talents are our HSE creators – well-known lifestyle personalities who present the HSE product range as hosts and experts. Always on the lookout for new faces for these roles, as a Talent Scout you look for influencers on social media, discover designers, or identify the talent of moderators of tomorrow. You take into account the current market trends and strategic corporate goals. And we do not just have a good nose for talent, we are the ones who give our talent the right tools at HSE. And that is how you turn the raw diamonds you found into real jewels through coaching and training. As a Talent Manager, you are also the first point of contact for our experts and moderators. Thanks to you they can work in a relaxed and well-prepared manner!

Service & Styling: The perfect look with type-appropriate hair & make-up

Our Service & Styling department gives our talents the final look. By talents we mean our creators. As a Stylist or Make-Up Artist you give them the last fine-tuning and the wardrobe that suits the respective target group, show, or brand. To do this, you work closely with the teams from the Purchasing, Show Planning, and Sample Warehouse departments. Ordering, ironing, and storing the fashion styles, for example for Jana Ina Zarrella, Marcel Ostertag or Brian Rennie, are also part of the job. In the Modelbooking department you organize the castings of our models and their agencies and discover our future studio beauties as a Talent Scout. Authenticity is paramount – after all, our models represent an attainable role model by which our customers are inspired to buy our fashion.

Always in contact with our stars, such as Jana Ina Zarrella, Judith Williams, Franzi Knuppe or Marcel Ostertag and many others, you are responsible for the trendy and type-appropriate hair and make-up and the perfect look that makes our live shows successful.

Studio Operations: Many possibilities behind the scenes

The Studio Operations teams take care of Props, Set Construction, Set Design and Crew Planning. In the Set Design department, you create an emotionally appealing environment with the look and feel of a brand, for example for the perfect shopping experience. This requires above all your craft and design skills. With CAD and 3-D renderings, you create the backdrop for our sales shows or build them yourself in the workshop.

We also offer you a variety of options in Props, Set Design, and the Sample Warehouse. Check out our jobs or take the first step and apply!

Your skills in Studio Operations are also in demand behind the scenes

HSE is 100% live. Everything happens in real time. And that is why we are looking for people who are just like us. Up for something new and for change. Because we are also constantly reinventing ourselves.

HSE broadcasts live almost around the clock. Of course, that means working in shifts. But a great team, constantly changing products and the faces of our “stars” make sure that you will not get bored. And above all we offer you regular working hours, a safe job, and many other benefits. After all you are important to us!

We are also offering exciting jobs for architects, carpenters, and other “hands-on” jobs, also for career changers!

Are you spontaneous, have a knack for improvisation, enjoy working independently, and are a real team player? Are you ready to work in shifts and not afraid of new challenges? Are you focused at work and nothing can derail you? Then welcome to the team! Then check out the opportunities we offer in TV Production & Broadcasting and apply now!

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Where we work

Ismaning is located on the outskirts of Munich between the Bavarian capital and the airport. The HSE campus is 13 kilometers from the city center of Munich and is easy to reach by all means of transportation. The suburban train (S8) takes you from Ismaning to Munich’s Marienplatz in 23 minutes, or the airport terminal in just 15 minutes. There are also bus connections to the Studentenstadt (U6) subway station. Our campus offers everything you need: a cafeteria, roof terraces, various lawns, and green areas for a stroll during lunch, as well as plenty of free parking.

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